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So, you are interested in fishing. This is a great place to start, especially if you've never fished before. Here you will find some general concepts and be introduced to some of the basics of freshwater fishing.

Learning to fish can be an intimidating task, especially with all of the equipment, types of fishing techniques, legislation, etc. Our objective is to make it simple for you to get started so your experience is a rewarding one. You may find yourself addicted before you know it, keeping your rod and tackle box in your trunk at all times. Just in case...

People fish from all walks of life all around the world. It is a sport that offers rewards that range from the excitement of landing a trophy fish, to the peace of mind and serenity that only the great outdoors can bring, but most of all, fishing is fun. Simply ask any of the millions of anglers in North America and they will tell you.

Making sure that you have the right tool for the right job is critical with whatever you are doing, and angling is no different. If you match your tackle to the fish you are looking to hook, you greatly increase your chance of being successful.

This is a good general rule, which applies not only to the tackle you choose, but also to boats, rods, reels, lines, etc. And, don't forget the sunscreen!

For valuable hints and tips on what kind of equipment and tackle is appropriate for different species, please visit the detailed sections on Freshwater Fish Species. You will find techniques and suggestions to help you land more fish.

To get fishing quickly, you will generally need the following items for freshwater fishing:

  • A fishing rod and reel
  • Monofilament fishing line (4 to 8 pound test)
  • Fishing weights
  • Hooks (number 6 to 10 in size)
  • A good plastic or wood bobber or float
  • Live bait or lures
  • A fishing license
  • A camera

Most sporting goods stores or fishing tackle shops should be able to set you up with everything that you need. Some will also be able to issue licenses. Ask for help selecting the equipment, especially if you are just starting out. Most shops will also carry the local state or provincial fishing handbooks, which generally cover the local legislation as well as being excellent guides for the local species and the catch limits, etc.