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How to Get a Mans Attention

Isn't it a pain when you see some girls with a stunning guy hanging off their arm and you just know that it should be you instead? Have you ever thought to yourself that there may be some techniques or methods to getting a guys attention but you didn't know them? The first thing is you need to like yourself. Confidence is the key. Be who you are and stop worrying about being single. Being single can be a lot of fun. Be comfortable with yourself and don't put too much importance on how to get a guy to like you. Do you really want a man to chase you if you have to pretend to be something you are not? The likelihood is you will not be able to keep up any pretense for long.

Be elusive but fun and friendly. Don't always be instantly available when asked on a date when you start courting. The only types of guys intimidated by secure, independent women are insecure themselves. This is hardly the type of man you want to attract.

Is it? If the guy that holds your interest hasn't noticed you yet, take the initiative and strike up a conversation. Otherwise, how can he know you are around? Ask him about himself - his likes, dislikes, how he sees life, what he wants to do - let him know about you too. You might have to be a little brave, but hey, what's there to really lose? Nothing - right? If you are interested in a guy, have patience.

Forget about rushing things along, because this normally ruins everything and could give him cold feet. If they don't return your call, don't get obsessive and continually call back. Give them some space. Don't force yourself onto the person you are attracted to; Let things flow along at its given pace. You will know soon enough if he is interested in you and, if he isn't, then he wasn't the right one for you anyway. Tips on How to get a Guy to Notice You Men and women are as fickle as the weather and there is no guaranteed way to get a guy, but here are a few tips that may help: - Be a nice person.

While this may intimidate some men, who can resist someone who is funny, kind and self-motivated? If being who you are doesn't attract the right guy for you straight away don't worry. The right guy will come along eventually. - You can begin by being chums and see what takes place.

It may be that once you get to know each other things will develop further or, maybe you will find you are better suited as friends. - Remember, you can not change the chemistry between you. If he is not interested, he is not interested - so move on.

You will meet someone else along the track. You can only be who you are, but you can not change how a guy thinks or feels. Put yourself in their shoes. Have you ever had a guy show interest in you that you just weren't interested in? How did you feel? - Whatever you do, don't talk about other guys you are interested in when you are out with someone else. This is an instant way to lose his interest.

- sometimes the guy is actually interested but doesn't know how to show it or is shy and needs a little nudge. Have some patience without overwhelming him. Now you have some things to think about - just enjoy your life as the amazing person you are and, if you meet someone you like, just let it happen naturally (with a little nudge).

The author Bllly Baker has provided a complimentary report for you to download on how to get a guy to like you and here you can also read further dating tips for girls.


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