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Looking Into Live Dealer Casinos

One of the newest phenomena in the online casino world is that of live dealer casinos. This is interesting for several reasons. One of the main detriments to playing online is the lack of human interaction and the idea that the gaming program might not be replicating real game play. A person would log onto a cold computer program and play against some algorithm for hours and hours possibly without ever feeling like they were part of the true gaming experience.

Live dealer casinos have alleviated this problem by putting actual human beings behind the tables and dealing the cards. Because of faster Internet connections and technology that makes meetings and the like possible, players are able to play against a dealer literally a world away. Live dealer casinos are not without its detractors though. Some players that have played on live dealer casinos complain at the speed in which the dealers deal, or the fact that they take breaks, talk, etc? These are some of the pitfalls that accompany playing with a live human being. Human beings are going to talk, take breaks, etc? If a player is looking for a game in where there are no game interruptions they should simply stay with the computer gaming programs and quit complaining.

I hate to break it to them but every single time that I've played on a gaming table in Reno or Las Vegas there was a live dealer and they took breaks, talked, some were slower, and hey, some barely even spoke English. But that's part of the entire experience that someone has got to expect if they are looking for the genuine experience, plain and simple. One of the genuine downsides to live dealer casinos, though, is the problem encountered by many players in where the dealer is dealing unfairly or is simply cheating. In Las Vegas, for example, the dealers are very strictly monitored by both the casino in the event that they are skimming and by the gaming commission in the event that they are violating the law. Additionally, if a player has a complaint against the dealer they can also tell the pit boss who will hear their complaint. None of these safeguards are in place for the player in a live dealer casino.

If they are monitored by the casinos themselves those safeguards are not necessarily as strictly enforced as they are in the traditional casinos. A player has to be especially wary when entering a live dealer casino to play a game that they aren't necessarily very experienced at. Live dealer casinos are a great alternative for online casino players looking for a little more traditional experience and they are a great place to look.

Just keep in mind that like everything in the online world they aren't without their possible pitfalls.

Will Win is a professional gambler, ex casino dealer and author. Play online casino games at the top online casino!


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