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Invite the Parents Too

There is nothing so wonderful and exciting then to have a party where all the saplings and parents could involve. The secret of the success of such a party is, of course, to have games that all ages can enter into. The next time your small fry wants a party for his gang, dont be scared of a rough house. Just answer, Certainly.

Then make it an early evening party, invite his friends and their parents. Include all small brothers and sisters. You will have quite a crowd, we will admit, but we can guarantee that if you plan your games right, you will have a party that will be long remembered not only by your young son but his friends and their parents as well. The secret of the success of such a party is, of course, to have games that all ages can enter into, and you would be surprised how many such games there are. A good opener for such a party is the Nose Game.

Hang an old sheet in an open doorway. Tacks stuck into the top of the doorjamb dont show and will hold a substantial cord. Then fasten big safety pins into the top edge of the sheet and pin them over the cord.

This makes a very satisfactory draw curtain. In the sheet make two slits, one big enough for an adult to stick his nose through, the other a suitable height for the shorter guests. (This curtain can be prepared ahead of time and drawn across the doorway for this one game.) Gather all the women on the back side of the curtain. Then ask the men if they are sure they can recognize their own wives.

They will be very confident of their ability. Warn the children not to help their Dads. Then have each woman take a turn at sticking her nose through the slit in the sheet.

It is surprisingly difficult for a man, no matter how long he has been married, to recognize his wife by her nose. After the choosing is completed let the women join the men who have claimed them. Most of the men will have some other fellow's wife.

Then hustle the kids behind the sheet. Make the men pick their own kids dont let the women help. Mothers have washed those faces so often they are better choosers than the men. One father of four children at a recent party of ours wound up with claiming only one of his four offspring the other three proved to belong to some of the other guests. But then no one had his own family intact. A stunt that looks very easy but is really hard to do is called the Broomstick Game.

Lay a broomstick on the floor. Place your elbow next to the broom handle and measure the distance to your finger tips. Put an apple on that spot.

Then kneel on the broomstick, keeping both hands on the stick, and pick up the apple with your teeth. Chances are you will land on your nose first try. The kids love to see Mother and Dad try this one.

To find the richest person in the crowd, divide the group into two teams. Give each one a bowl of uncooked navy beans and a spoon. Each one stands in front of a mirror and takes a spoonful of beans and by looking into the mirror, tries to drop them into an empty milk bottle which he holds on top of his head. More beans will go on the floor and down the neck than into the bottle.

Then each one counts the beans he has been successful in getting into the bottle. Each bean is worth $100,000. Keep the resulting figures from your income tax man he'd be staggered at the worth of your guests. Let the parents watch the kids in a bottle wrestle. It can be played in any living room and nothing will be damaged.

Divide the kids into pairs, matching them according to size and weight. The partners face each other on opposite sides of a milk bottle which stands on the floor. They place their hands on each others shoulders. Then each one tries by pushing and pulling to make his partner knock over the milk bottle. The one knocking over the bottle or losing his balance loses the match.

This is a very strenuous game that takes a small space in which to play. The interesting part of this party is when Dads are asked to recognize his wife by her nose. Children love to see their Dads action and movement. All the member of the family can enjoy this party.

Mitch Johnson is a regular writer for http://www.kids-games-n-crafts.com/ , http://www.mycomicbooksresource.info/ , http://www.goodbudgetholiday.info/


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