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RedneckThe Origin

A redneck is usually thought of as a white, working class US southerner. However, rednecks can now be found throughout all areas of the country. There is even some interest in the culture in countries overseas. It most likely started as a reference to the sun-burned necks of those who work in the fields all day. In some parts of the country, they are called hillbillies, hicks, bumpkins, or just plain country folks. Rednecks are traditional Americans, who work hard to support their families.

They are always ready to help by volunteering as Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, firemen and anything else their community requires. The recent popularity of major acts like Jeff Foxworthy, the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and Gretchen Wilson have created a new interest in the red neck lifestyle and it seems to be continuing to grow. A search of the term "redneck" on Google returns over 17 million results. More and more people are finding that they relate to a more simple way of life. Many start with searching websites looking for jokes and funny pictures only to find there is more to be found there than just a laugh and they might want to participate in the lifestyle. This is further proof that you don't have to be born a hillbilly redneck to become one.

Although the culture probably originated in the south, you don't have to be from the south to be a redneck or even hillbilly white trash. It really is a state of mind. They have their own take on life and are mostly laid back and care free. There is a great love of outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and camping. Of course, NASCAR garners a lot of interest.

It has been called the Redneck's national sport. While playing in the mud is very popular, they usually own truck for more reasons than just that. Rednecks will protect their home and family and thank God for what they do have even if it is not much. Many homes have at least one gun. Although they may not have much, they will be thankful for what they do have. They work hard for their money, many in lower paying jobs.

But they enjoy it a great deal, too. They know how to treat their mates and are typically attracted to partners who do the same. The term redneck denotes someone with good common sense, and a talent for building and fixing stuff. Many tend to accumulate a lot of junk, much of it stored on the front lawn. Often, there will be an old automobile parked under a big tree, with a red neck "shade tree mechanic" trying to get it to run. A lot of that junk will be put to good use to build new things that, although not very pretty, do manage to get the job done.

Rednecks have a love of God, their country and state, and are strong supporters of the armed forces. Most believe there is more to life than money, caring more about friends and family. Many are single parents. When it comes to love interests, they prefer their mates be loyal and not afraid to get their hands dirty. The redneck stereotype is one of an uneducated, simple minded person who delights in consuming huge quantities of cheap American beer like Pabst Blue Ribbon, lives in a trailer park and dates within their family.

This has, of course, made them the brunt of many jokes. What once was a negative term to describe farmers, construction workers and others who worked all day in the sun causing the backs of their necks to get sunburned, (red neck), has now become a description of a culture that believes in the simpler things, quality values, and a true appreciation of life, family and friends. True, the jokes still abound, but underneath the laughter is a culture of decent hard working folks who, like the rest of us, are just trying to carve out a living and find happiness in their journey through life.

Fred Morris has his own redneck community at Redneck and Single a place to find lots of single rednecks seeking romance, adventure and friendship. Visit http://www.redneckandsingle.com/ and find your own redneck.


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